Next stop for SPY looking like 220 to 224

This may not happen however looking back at its past performance and believing that the Democrats and the FED are behind the last few years of market moves I’d say their is a high likelihood that the market will continue to rise and rise fast. A ‘blowoff top’ if you will.

Why? Simply because the FED and Democrats don’t want to look bad before an election. They are printing money and using that money to keep the market going in an upward trajectory.

Letting it fall now would look real bad and have damaging effects on the chances of the Democrats being re-elected.

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If GOlD is a barometer of the world’s economy then it does not look good.

Oh boy. Golds been on quite the tear for 2016 and this a commodity that people use to hedge against a world financial meltdown or correction. I think meltdown is more likely.

Think about how far and how much the DOW and S&P have moved up these past months and along side that move GOLD has moved up equally fast if not faster.

It is almost as though each were racing to the top of some chart whereby whomever finished highest the fastest wins! I hate to say it but that game has to be very close to finishing and when it does, WHAM! Something’s gonna give and give big time.

Markets likely to collapse but I’m not to sure what will happen to gold.