Let’s Focus On JNUG – Gold Miners 3x ETF

JNUG is my favorite stock to trade. I’m not sure you can really call it a stock though. What it actually is a VERY FAST moving ETF. Trading it involves Danger & Great Risk. In fact you could loose 30% of your investment in ONE DAY! Investing in stock is somehow risky, but if you go to the Stock Price website and learn how it works, you’ll be amazed.

That’s right! ONE DAY and it’s GONE! Poof! Just like that. And all you’ll have is your tears…

However it can also be very lucrative if you get your timing right. You can also make 30% in one day…..

I am now using a very sophisticated algorithm to trade this ETF.  A “Super Alogo” if you will.

Ya ya, I’ve already been told that there is “No such thing” as a super algorithm. But what these people don’t know is what I do know. Simply that it works. How long it will work for I have no idea, but for now it works amazingly well.

This “SUPER ALOGO” has a very attractive accuracy rate. It’s not 100% accurate but within its parameters it is very very close to being perfect. It can’t predict every world event which can move GOLD and Gold Miners but those movement seem to be short lived and the mean is always restored quite quickly.

I could tell you more about this “Super Alogo” but doing so would mean the Market Makers would have to change Their Game since this algorithm is so accurate as things are right now. I don’t want to rock the boat. I just want to make lots of money with it.

As for what direction the miners are going to move? I can’t tell you and honestly I don’t even know. But that doesn’t matter my “SUPER ALGO” will tell me when to sell and when to buy and it will also tell me when to STAY OUT! Which is also VERY important. In fact that may be the more important thing it does tell me. Basically when it tells me to “stay out” it is telling me that it cannot predict the future movement and it could be either direction and likely it will be BIG.

Friday the ALGO told me to SELL JNUG and stay out. It also told me to expect a pretty decent move Monday. Likely in the morning. Likely a pullback. Perhaps in the form of a GAP DOWN that might also last till at least the end the day. No worries. It will let me know when to get back in should that GAP DOWN prove to be a buying opportunity.

Are you interested in knowing more?
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Will Stock Market Crash Before Or After Trump Inauguration?

Well my predictions have been wrong about 50% of the time but I’m getting better 🙂

I’d give the odds of a market correction coming soon, say 2 to 3 months is about 80% based on the fact that a correction is due and the market is at an all time high. Then again Trump will be making many many changes that in my opinion will be good for the workers of the USA. Weather that will be good for the stock market who knows!

Time will tell.

What a head fake on GOLD!

Today was a fantastic day to trade gold! With Donald Trump talking and getting ready to put trade restrictions on the US biggest trading partners the US dollar went way down, but then it came up again! Huge yo-yo day!

It is plainly obvious however that the new administration will be bad for the US dollar and great for gold. At least for the first while till things settle out.

The FED Messed Up BIG TIME This Time!

We are looking at a fundamental change in the value of the US dollar thanks directly to the FEDs actions or inactions as the case may be. Their lack of direction as well as their weak approaches to monetary policy have failed big time. They were almost able to use their valueless talk to keep the US dollar up but now the tables have turned and they’ve turned to a situation where GOLD could end up being the new world currency.

Why didn’t they move more aggressively? Who knows. Maybe they were scared of popping their super inflated stock market or housing market but they are in a very tight corner. Perhaps it might even be “GAME OVER” for the US dollar. Not sure. But what really worries me is that they may even go as far as implementing a “FALSE FLAG” event or worse start a war with Russia or Iran just to save their precious dollar. How crazy is that?!!!

Yes, that’s right. A false-flag even could be used as a distraction ploy and maybe people won’t notice their live savings VANISH in the blink of an eye. Well some will and won’t like it. Others will simply move their money quietly into gold.

I wonder what the FED will do?

Nobody really knows what their endgame will be but I assure you it won’t be pretty and it won’t be too long from now either, they better start finding out what is elo? that way they have something to entertain themselves once the get kicked!

Be prepared!

I think GOLD has moved into an UP trend and not a damn thing FED can do about it this time!

Today’s move in GOLD wasn’t just a head fake in my opinion, it was a serious sign that the USD is about to crash and GOLD is about to skyrocket. The FED used its’ one .25% rate hike last December and they did it again this December to show they ( FED ) had some credibility but that game is nearly over or maybe it is over now. They really can’t raise rates again any time soon without crashing the entire US economy and they know it. All the job reports and other reports have all been falsely manipulated which is clear to anyone living in the real world.

Goodbye US dollar – Hello New Gold Standard ( NGS ).

Russia, China, Iran and a few other countries are not playing along with the old petro-dollar and the US is FURIOUS. So furious they’re taking us to the edge of WWIII and that is a scary thought. They’d be willing to kill millions apon millions of innocent people just to keep their Hegemony.

Not sure how they’re going to get themselves out of this mess but it won’t be easy and it’s going to take some time. Maybe years. In the meanwhile GOLD should keep going up with nothing to stop its’ ascent into heaven!

Is the world in a race to devalue their currencies?

Bank of England’s first interest-rate cut in seven years down .25%! And more more easing could be coming, and likely will be, as Britain feels the effects of its decision to leave the European Union.

So the taking from the poor and middle class and giving to the ultra rich continues. Yay! Everyone will be working for a dollar that won’t be able to buy nothing soon. That’s just great.

Who elected these fools? Why would anyone elect someone that would make their entire life savings worthless? I don’t think we did.

Think about it people! We are being screwed!


Is the US Dollar Destined to become worthless?


As you can see by this chart the US Dollar is loosing its buying power and loosing it fast! It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or even a grade 8 math student long to figure out that this is not good if you have any savings or get paid in US dollars!

One day, and that day may be soon, you won’t be able to buy a can of soup with a $20 bill! Yikes!

is Deutsche Bank going insolvent?

2I used to think banks could not go insolvent, at least not the really big ones. The game changed in 2008 when the big bankers realized they could screw even their most loyal customers by declaring bankrupcy and still get to keep all the money! Yes! New rules!

Fuck everyone and STILL keep all the money! How good can it get? Well I guess when Deutsche Bank goes under we will all find out how good it can get for the banks and how bad it will be for the poor shareholders whose entire life savings will end up being worthless.

Take from the rich and middle class and give to the SUPER RICH! Ah the new way for the bankers. Must be nice….