VIX Drops to lowest level in two years.

Nice. The VIX or Volatility Index basically is a fear gauge. When there is fear in the market this goes up and when there is sheepish like compliancy this goes down. So what we have here is the lowest level of compliancy in two years with the S&P sitting at an all time high.


How ridiculous is that! Talk about a wound up spring! And going into weekend yet. Who in their right mind would hold onto stocks going into a weekend when they just hit their all time high?

Crazy world!


So Job Numbers were Good, But Will FED increase interest rates?

Na. No way. In fact I’ll go as far as ‘No Way In Hell’ will they raise rates.

They keep talking and talking the game, but by now only a few people believe the FED. They can’t raise and perhaps never will be able to. They let the market and Bull Shit get too far out of hand. Way too many people WAY over their heads in debt. A small raise and the whole US economy comes crashing down!

Heck, I’d go as far as saying if anything they’ll lower rates and maybe even go negative rates to keep up with the rest of the world.

The English the other day just LOWERED their rates! First time in like 300 years I read. Funny but the English seem to be the most down to earth people with the most common sense on the earth.

Sorry FED. You let things get too far for too long.

Game Over!

Is GOLD going to wipe the floor with the US dollar soon?

It’s looking more and more like the US dollar is going to become worthless and GOLD will end up being the new world currency. I know this has been said many many times in the past and its never come to be BUT this time could be different.

You’ve got CLOWNs running the US into the ground and even worse you’ve got crocked bankers taking everyone’s money away  and creating so many derivatives that when this whole false economy comes crashing down guess where they’re going to take all the money FROM?

That’s right! You and me!

They create the false paper assets and then use those assets, false as they may be, to take REAL assets away. IE yours and my assets.

Is the world in a race to devalue their currencies?

Bank of England’s first interest-rate cut in seven years down .25%! And more more easing could be coming, and likely will be, as Britain feels the effects of its decision to leave the European Union.

So the taking from the poor and middle class and giving to the ultra rich continues. Yay! Everyone will be working for a dollar that won’t be able to buy nothing soon. That’s just great.

Who elected these fools? Why would anyone elect someone that would make their entire life savings worthless? I don’t think we did.

Think about it people! We are being screwed!