The FED Messed Up BIG TIME This Time!

We are looking at a fundamental change in the value of the US dollar thanks directly to the FEDs actions or inactions as the case may be. Their lack of direction as well as their weak approaches to monetary policy have failed big time. They were almost able to use their valueless talk to keep the US dollar up but now the tables have turned and they’ve turned to a situation where GOLD could end up being the new world currency.

Why didn’t they move more aggressively? Who knows. Maybe they were scared of popping their super inflated stock market or housing market but they are in a very tight corner. Perhaps it might even be “GAME OVER” for the US dollar. Not sure. But what really worries me is that they may even go as far as implementing a “FALSE FLAG” event or worse start a war with Russia or Iran just to save their precious dollar. How crazy is that?!!!

Yes, that’s right. A false-flag even could be used as a distraction ploy and maybe people won’t notice their live savings VANISH in the blink of an eye. Well some will and won’t like it. Others will simply move their money quietly into gold.

I wonder what the FED will do?

Nobody really knows what their endgame will be but I assure you it won’t be pretty and it won’t be too long from now either, they better start finding out what is elo? that way they have something to entertain themselves once the get kicked!

Be prepared!

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