I think GOLD has moved into an UP trend and not a damn thing FED can do about it this time!

Today’s move in GOLD wasn’t just a head fake in my opinion, it was a serious sign that the USD is about to crash and GOLD is about to skyrocket. The FED used its’ one .25% rate hike last December and they did it again this December to show they ( FED ) had some credibility but that game is nearly over or maybe it is over now. They really can’t raise rates again any time soon without crashing the entire US economy and they know it. All the job reports and other reports have all been falsely manipulated which is clear to anyone living in the real world.

Goodbye US dollar – Hello New Gold Standard ( NGS ).

Russia, China, Iran and a few other countries are not playing along with the old petro-dollar and the US is FURIOUS. So furious they’re taking us to the edge of WWIII and that is a scary thought. They’d be willing to kill millions apon millions of innocent people just to keep their┬áHegemony.

Not sure how they’re going to get themselves out of this mess but it won’t be easy and it’s going to take some time. Maybe years. In the meanwhile GOLD should keep going up with nothing to stop its’ ascent into heaven!