Does the VIX Mean Anything Anymore?

People on the stock blobs are starting to ask that question and it seems appropriate. After all the market is near all time highs and yet there is no FEAR or VOLATILITY?

Seems rather odd….

The market makers can’t keep it down forever. But they do their best to screw the VIX longs!

The simple truth is that if they can get everyone out of the VIX or Market Shorts, when they do “CRASH” the market they won’t have to pay anyone out!

Think of the beauty of that! They can sucker all the longs in and take their money AND ALSO sucker in the shorts!

Then they can simply roll the short money into the longs to keep the longs happy and also to make sure nobody wants to go short.

Then when the time is right and nobody has any shorts and everyone is happily holding longs….

WHAM! Huge market crash! Out of nowhere! Some “BLACK SWAN EVENT”! So that way they can blame the crash on some external event, steal ALL THE MONEY and laugh their collective heads off!

What a system! What a scam!

Be careful out there! It’s their game and it’s RIGGED!

But have no fear, the fear will come back.

After all, just look at this chart.

It always comes back!


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