is Deutsche Bank going insolvent?

2I used to think banks could not go insolvent, at least not the really big ones. The game changed in 2008 when the big bankers realized they could screw even their most loyal customers by declaring bankrupcy and still get to keep all the money! Yes! New rules!

Fuck everyone and STILL keep all the money! How good can it get? Well I guess when Deutsche Bank goes under we will all find out how good it can get for the banks and how bad it will be for the poor shareholders whose entire life savings will end up being worthless.

Take from the rich and middle class and give to the SUPER RICH! Ah the new way for the bankers. Must be nice….


Will the FED allow the Market to Crash today?

I don’t think the FED or Democrats, as they are otherwise known, will allow this market to crash on their watch. I mean they’ve pumped this up SO much in the last few years that why would they let it all fall apart just when they still still have a chance of getting re-elected and maintaining their power.

Keep the voters happy at least till they get re-elected!
Go FED go!


Is GOLD going to be the new world currency ?

gold (2)

It seems the US stock market, ie the DOW and S&P are in a bit of a pickle. I see no way out for the extreme bubble they are in except for one thing.

There will have to be a HUGE market crash. Yes. And I mean HUGE!!!

In order for the banks to maintain their long bets and derivatives they ( the banks, and FED ) will have to CRASH the market to an extreme never before seen.

Why ? you may ask.

It’s simple. They have been pumping and pumping and PUMPING this market up for some time and in order for “them” to win ( cash out ) they will have to take all YOUR money away. And I suspect the day when they do that is very near. Maybe in a few months. By end of 2016 at the latest I would guess. Heck it could even be this week!

There seems to be no point shorting the market at this time either as they’ve got that figured out too.

What the FED and banks are doing is simple. They are using the money that people are shorting the market with and rolling it into the longs.

Simple hey!

In other words, the more you bet against the market, the more it goes up and the more they win!

UNTIL! Well until there is no more money left shorting the market and then the real fun begins.

The market will tumble and tumble like never before seen in history!