Do they want to replace the US dollar with GOLD?

Is that what they are trying to do? Seems odd. Eliminate the US dollar as the world currency and let the beautiful shiny metal move back into it’s rightful place!

I doubt they will let that happen as “THEY” are the US dollar. FED and Banks I mean.

It is a nice thought though. I’d much rather be holding GOLD then that paper trash.


Is the US Dollar on the Verge of Unraveling ?

Oh oh. The FED really messed up this time. No way out for them. Too bad. All their common sense that it took to get them into this mess is now paying off ( Sarcasm. ).

Maybe they have (or are going to) sell VAST amounts of GOLD onto the open market. In which case they’d be smart. I mean they do know where the price of Gold will be in the future as that’s basically what they control. And they did manage to inflate the price at the cost of the US currency. So maybe that’s been the plan all along. Fool the goldbugs! Never know.

Fed officials voted 9 to 1 to hold rates steady at the meeting. Who the heck was that one guy that wanted to raise rates. He’s the patsy I’m assuming. I mean come on! They need at least one person to vote the other way or we’d all think it was fixed right ???

According to this chart, without a HUGE save soon, and many more afterwards, the US dollar is about to TANK. Without a real save it’s done for sure.

Bye bye US dollar.
Should have bought real gold.

One thing I learned about the Stock Market is I can’t predict the future.

Yes out of years and years and years of trading the one thing I learned is that I can’t predict what the future will bring. Logic has no place in the markets and they are even more random then the wind.

I’d say you’d even have more luck at the casino. Go ahead, bet on black! Almost 50/50 percent chance there! Unfortunately not so with the stock market. It is FIXED and FIXED in ¬†a bad way.

They now make sure that even when you bet right you could loose your shirt. At least that doesn’t happen in Vegas.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead, bet against the market and see what happens! Even the VIX products don’t behave like VIX products anymore. Lots of potential loss on way down but no gain on way up.


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Next stop for SPY looking like 220 to 224

This may not happen however looking back at its past performance and believing that the Democrats and the FED are behind the last few years of market moves I’d say their is a high likelihood that the market will continue to rise and rise fast. A ‘blowoff top’ if you will.

Why? Simply because the FED and Democrats don’t want to look bad before an election. They are printing money and using that money to keep the market going in an upward trajectory.

Letting it fall now would look real bad and have damaging effects on the chances of the Democrats being re-elected.

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