Will Stock Market Crash Before Or After Trump Inauguration?

Well my predictions have been wrong about 50% of the time but I’m getting better 🙂

I’d give the odds of a market correction coming soon, say 2 to 3 months is about 80% based on the fact that a correction is due and the market is at an all time high. Then again Trump will be making many many changes that in my opinion will be good for the workers of the USA. Weather that will be good for the stock market who knows!

Time will tell.

What a head fake on GOLD!

Today was a fantastic day to trade gold! With Donald Trump talking and getting ready to put trade restrictions on the US biggest trading partners the US dollar went way down, but then it came up again! Huge yo-yo day!

It is plainly obvious however that the new administration will be bad for the US dollar and great for gold. At least for the first while till things settle out.

The FED Messed Up BIG TIME This Time!

We are looking at a fundamental change in the value of the US dollar thanks directly to the FEDs actions or inactions as the case may be. Their lack of direction as well as their weak approaches to monetary policy have failed big time. They were almost able to use their valueless talk to keep the US dollar up but now the tables have turned and they’ve turned to a situation where GOLD could end up being the new world currency.

Why didn’t they move more aggressively? Who knows. Maybe they were scared of popping their super inflated stock market or housing market but they are in a very tight corner. Perhaps it might even be “GAME OVER” for the US dollar. Not sure. But what really worries me is that they may even go as far as implementing a “FALSE FLAG” event or worse start a war with Russia or Iran just to save their precious dollar. How crazy is that?!!!

Yes, that’s right. A false-flag even could be used as a distraction ploy and maybe people won’t notice their live savings VANISH in the blink of an eye. Well some will and won’t like it. Others will simply move their money quietly into gold.

I wonder what the FED will do?

Nobody really knows what their endgame will be but I assure you it won’t be pretty and it won’t be too long from now either!

Be prepared!

Is Gold About to Break to the Upside?

According to this chart, which I really like, Gold is about to break up. Now of course much of that depends on what the FED has to say today at 2pm HOWEVER I don’t believe any new rate hikes are coming soon. In fact, I believe the next rate hike will be in December 2017. The FED has a pattern now. BLUFF, BLUFF, BLUFF, RAISE and then repeat the year after. Just one raise per year is all they can really do, the rest of what they do is “Fluff & Bluff”.

Gold About To Break Up!
Gold About To Break Up!

It’s Gonna Be HARD Landing for US Dollar Very Soon!

The U.S. dollar extended gains after stronger-than-expected manufacturing data on Tuesday. The dollar index is now sitting at its highest level in more than 14 years. The index is touching levels not seen since December 2002 according to FactSet data.

Fourteen Years!

Jeeze… I wonder what will happen now…. Hmmmm…..

US Dollar Gonna Crash HARD!
US Dollar Gonna Crash HARD!


USD & DOW crumble under their own weight!

Looks like the USD and DOW / S&P are about to roll over! The massive runup they’ve had over the past several years is about to come tumbling down and what better time to do it then in a brand new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! Watch the DOW and USD crumble as part of the new year’s fanfair!

Dollar about to come crashing down!
Dollar about to come crashing down!